About Us

SmartSession - What Is It?

SmartSession is all about building networks within Primary Care.

For Practices, that means building on the network of Doctors in their community that they regularly use and trust.

For Doctors, that means building their reputation as a trusted professional within the community and finding all the work they need in one place.

SmartSession is a platform where Practices and Doctors can create professional Profiles, highlighting their experiences, values and feedback.

Practices can list a vacant session and immediately invite bids from Doctors within their community. Once a suitable Doctor is found, the listing closes.

SmartSession is not an Agency; it is a useful space where Practices and Doctors can develop a trusted network, whilst saving time and money.

SmartSession - The Team


Looks after The Team and business


Takes care of our network of users


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SmartSession - Our Beliefs and Values

We stand for working differently: believing that work should not be difficult or expensive to arrange, and communication is the key to working relationships. This removes the need for going through third parties to arrange work.

We visualize an ever-growing and self-organizing network of GPs and Practices looking to arrange sessional work between themselves, enabled by a simple, user-friendly yet powerful online tool.

We work hard to develop ideas into tools to help their working day. We get these ideas into the site quickly, getting valuable feedback.

We continue to develop a web-based solution to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. We believe that the people who are working together are the best people to arrange it, to leave feedback, and to benefit from this ever-growing network.